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Science 2020-11-25T21:03:21Z
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Elon Musk promoted coronavirus misinformation for months. Then his own infection kept him out of SpaceX's astronaut launch.

Musk took to Twitter to attack the rapid antigen test that showed he had COVID-19 — but then he contacted an epidemiologist to learn more.
Science 2020-11-25T20:01:00Z
Big Tech Healthcare4x3

BIG TECH IN HEALTHCARE: Here's who wins and loses as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft hone in on niche sectors of healthcare

This report explores the key strengths and offerings the Big Four tech giants – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – bring to healthcare.
Science 2020-11-25T18:57:43Z
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Vaccine trials didn't monitor one variable: volunteers' behavior. 'Masks and social distancing were left up to us,' a participant said.

Volunteers who suspected they had gotten the vaccine, rather than a placebo, may have been inclined to engage in riskier behavior.
Science 2020-11-25T18:04:55Z

A discovery inside a California cave suggests people were combining hallucinogenic drugs and art nearly 500 years ago

The Chumash people of modern-day Southern California may have used cave paintings during hallucinogenic rituals up to 490 years ago.
Science 2020-11-25T16:36:07Z

We now have the best evidence yet that coronavirus immunity lasts 6 to 8 months after infection, and perhaps even years

Experts have long focused on coronavirus antibodies to assess whether someone has immunity. But T cells and B cells last longer.
Science 2020-11-25T13:07:11Z

Bloated carcasses of the mink culled by Denmark to stop the spread of a COVID-19 strain are surfacing from their mass graves

The Danish mink cull, aimed at containing a mutated COVID-19 strain, now faces the grisly problem of bodies swelling and resurfacing at burial sites.
Transportation 2020-11-25T12:05:50Z

The US is said to be close to lifting its 8-month travel ban for Europe, now that its own COVID-19 outbreak is far worse

Reuters reported Wednesday that the White House was considering lifting its ban on entry by non-US citizens from Europe and Brazil.
Politics 2020-11-25T06:03:45Z

Biden's team has made contact with Dr. Fauci, and the president-elect said he has been 'very, very helpful' in briefings with staff

The contact between Fauci and Biden's team comes as the US may be entering the darkest stage yet of the coronavirus pandemic.
Politics 2020-11-25T01:26:17Z

Sidelined by Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC officials say they can't wait to 'rebuild the agency' under the Biden administration

Trump officials routinely interfered with the release of information related to COVID-19 to align the messaging with Trump's rhetoric about the virus.
Science 2020-11-24T23:30:00Z

Getting a negative coronavirus test isn't a free pass to gather with family for Thanksgiving

Think of a coronavirus test like a photograph: It provides information about your viral load at a single moment in time.
Science 2020-11-24T21:30:00Z

Why the turkey you eat at Thanksgiving isn't what makes you sleepy

The tryptophan in turkey gets a bad rap every Thanksgiving. Here's the real reason you're so tired after feasting.
Science 2020-11-24T20:02:00Z

Read the pitch deck that buzzy startup Devoted Health used to reach a $1.8 billion valuation before it signed up a single customer

BI Prime offers an inside look at the pitch deck that helped Devoted Health each a $1.8 billion valuation before signing up a single customer.
Healthcare 2020-11-24T16:03:00Z

Scientists are puzzling over one crucial number as they evaluate the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine

Oxford-AstraZeneca's vaccine requires two shots. Early results suggest it's more effective if you receive a half dose for the first shot.
Healthcare 2020-11-24T15:59:09Z

6 crucial unanswered questions about AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine results

While the British drugmaker said on Monday that its shot, developed with the University of Oxford, was highly effective, specifics were sparse.
Science 2020-11-24T15:08:00Z

How to interpret the 'efficacy' rates of coronavirus vaccines

Vaccine efficacy is a metric that measures how well cases of an infectious disease, like the coronavirus, are stamped out when people get their shots.
Science 2020-11-24T11:24:45Z

Shanghai's airport — the 11th-busiest in the world — ringfenced 17,700 employees for COVID-19 testing after finding 5 positive cases linked to the cargo unit

Shanghai Pudong International Airport has canceled hundreds of flights since testing began on Sunday. It is the second-busiest airport in China.

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Science 2020-11-24T11:00:00Z

THE DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: The most important players, tech, and trends propelling the digital transformation of the $3.7 trillion healthcare industry

Business Insider Intelligence explores the healthcare ecosystem, industry trends driving digital transformation, and where the industry is headed.
Transportation 2020-11-24T10:58:12Z

Millions of people are flying across the US for Thanksgiving, ignoring CDC advice

More than 3 million people travelled through US airports between Friday and Sunday, the Transportation Security Administration said.
Science 2020-11-24T06:45:50Z

Moderna's chief medical officer says that vaccine trial results only show that they prevent people from getting sick — not necessarily that recipients won't still be able to transmit the virus

"I think it's important that we don't change behavior solely on the basis of vaccination," Moderna Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks said.
Science 2020-11-24T01:36:02Z

The creator of AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine is a mom to triplets. Her children participated in the trial.

Sarah Gilbert, the AstraZeneca vaccine's creator, always had faith in its efficacy, even when an "unexplained illness" halted the trials in September.
Science 2020-11-23T23:18:00Z

Jupiter and Saturn are about to appear closer in the sky than they have for 800 years, aligning as a 'double planet'

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest they've been in the sky since the year 1226. Here's how to see the rare conjunction event.
Science 2020-11-23T20:36:00Z

China just launched a mission to the moon to collect rock samples — the first time a country will have done so in more than 40 years

The Chang'e-5 mission is the latest step in China's ambitious plan to land on and study the moon. The rock samples will come from an unexplored area.
Premium Healthcare 2020-11-23T20:26:00Z

Drugmakers behind 3 coronavirus vaccines say they work. Here's everything we know about the race for a vaccine and when you might be able to get a shot.

There are 48 potential coronavirus vaccines now in human testing, with the frontrunners eyeing potential emergency approval as soon as November.
Science 2020-11-23T19:30:00Z

How to stop using filler words like ‘um' and 'uh' in your speech

While moderate use in a casual environment could be helpful, it's advised to avoid excessive use, especially in a professional setting.
Premium Healthcare 2020-11-23T18:47:00Z

How the pharma giant Pfizer teamed up with a little-known biotech to develop an effective coronavirus vaccine in record time

Pfizer worked with the German biotech BioNTech to develop a coronavirus vaccine in under a year, an unprecedented scientific feat.
Premium Healthcare 2020-11-23T18:29:00Z

How the sprint for a coronavirus vaccine transformed Moderna into a $39 billion powerhouse that's poised to reshape biotech

Moderna transformed from a hot biotech startup to one of the world's best-known companies as it pursues a coronavirus vaccine.
Science 2020-11-23T18:15:00Z

A dermatologist and a cosmetic chemist debunk 19 skin-care myths

A cosmetic chemist and board-certified dermatologist debunk 19 of the most common myths about skincare. They discuss acne, pores, cellulite, and more.
Politics 2020-11-23T14:01:53Z

Trump plans to hold indoor holiday parties at the White House, report says, despite the CDC warning against such gatherings

White House Christmas and Hanukkah parties likely fall under the CDC's definition of 'high-risk' in the pandemic, but Trump is pressing ahead anyway.
Healthcare 2020-11-23T14:00:14Z

A 3rd coronavirus vaccine works

These are Business Insider's biggest healthcare stories for November 23.
Healthcare 2020-11-23T13:04:00Z

Your company may not be offering COVID tests because of the cost, not whether they're available, new study finds

In a recent study by Arizona State University and World Economic Forum, companies listed numerous reasons for their lack of testing.
Science 2020-11-23T11:14:01Z

Bodies of COVID-19 victims are still in NYC freezer trucks 8 months after they died

New York's chief medical officer has a backlog of coronavirus victims, with around 650 bodies still in freezer trucks from the pandemic's first wave.
Science 2020-11-23T08:33:00Z

AstraZeneca and Oxford University announced a 3rd working COVID-19 vaccine, which they say is 70% effective

The news follows recent announcements about vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, both of which showed greater efficacy in late-stage trials.
News 2020-11-22T22:13:36Z

People are waiting on long lines for coronavirus tests ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

Health officials are asking people to avoid large gatherings this week, but people are lining up to get tested in droves ahead of the holiday.
Science 2020-11-22T21:48:00Z

Your pillowcase has more bacteria than your toilet seat if you don't wash your sheets often

Dust mites, fungi, and bacteria, build up on your bed if you never wash your pillowcases and sheets. Here's how often you should wash them.
Science 2020-11-22T19:02:00Z

THE DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS EXPLAINER: How digital treatments could be a $9 billion opportunity by 2025

Business Insider Intelligence explores the drivers lighting a fire under the DTx market and unpacks the ways vendors reach their intended audiences.
News 2020-11-22T18:58:59Z

Coronavirus vaccine czar said Moderna will seek an emergency use ization for its vaccine by the end of November

Slaoui said an FDA panel would review Moderna's application on December 17, a week after it reviews Pfizer's vaccine application for emergency use.
Science 2020-11-22T17:41:00Z

Here's what would happen if you tried to dig to China

To dig to China, you'd have to start in South America. And you'd need a super-powered drill to get through rock and metal within Earth's three layers.
News 2020-11-22T16:03:29Z

Americans will hopefully begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as early as December 11, 'Warp Speed' advisor says

The head of the White House's "Operation Warp Speed" on Sunday said that some people in the US could receiving the COVID-19 vaccine within weeks.
International 2020-11-22T15:11:31Z

The German government tells people to be as 'lazy as raccoons' as it deploys humor to control the spread of COVID-19

The widely-shared public information videos are funny but clear message that staying at 合约数字币和虚拟币home is vital in preventing the further spread of COVID-19.
Opinion 2020-11-22T15:03:00Z

We run the largest health system in New York and treated more than 100,000 COVID cases. Here's how the US can better tackle the pandemic.

Northwell Health has treated more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases across New York City. Here is how we can prepare for the next resurgence.

Biden's climate change policies are better than Trump's, but they still aren't enough to prevent a climate catastrophe

While it may be better than what Trump has accomplished, Biden's plan is not the kind of decisive action that experts and activists are calling for.
Science 2020-11-22T14:14:00Z

Greta Thunberg spoke zero words to anyone outside her family for 3 years before becoming the face of the youth climate movement, a new film reveals

A new documentary on Hulu about Greta Thunberg reveals that she was selectively mute before she became the leader of the youth climate movement.
Science 2020-11-22T13:04:00Z

We're likely to need coronavirus booster shots after the initial vaccine

Many leading coronavirus vaccines require two shots given weeks apart. But additional follow-up shots may be needed in the future to boost immunity.
Science 2020-11-22T10:01:00Z

BIG TECH IN HEALTHCARE: Here's who wins and loses as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft hone in on niche sectors of healthcare

This report explores the key strengths and offerings the Big Four tech giants – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – bring to healthcare.
Healthcare 2020-11-22T01:26:29Z

The experimental coronavirus treatment Trump received just got emergency ization from the FDA

Regeneron's antibody combination was one of a number of treatments President Donald Trump took after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
Science 2020-11-21T23:20:42Z

Texas deployed its National Guard to help with overflowing morgues in El Paso as the coronavirus death toll rises

The coronavirus surge in El Paso is filling refrigerated trucks with bodies that prison inmates have helped move.
Science 2020-11-21T22:00:00Z

THE DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: The most important players, tech, and trends propelling the digital transformation of the $3.7 trillion healthcare industry

Business Insider Intelligence explores the healthcare ecosystem, industry trends driving digital transformation, and where the industry is headed.
Science 2020-11-21T20:48:11Z

China's Xi Jinping pledged to work with other countries to accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations

President Xi Jinping said China is "willing to strengthen coordination" internationally for vaccine "research and development, production, and distribution."
Science 2020-11-21T20:26:08Z

Most coronavirus cases spread from people with no symptoms, CDC says in new report

People with no coronavirus symptoms gathering for dinner with family and friends are becoming a "major source" of spread, Anthony Fauci says.
News 2020-11-21T19:05:57Z

A new CDC report found that Kansas counties who complied with a mask mandate saw a decrease in cases compared to counties that didn't

The CDC found that counties in Kansas that opted out of the statewide mask mandate saw their number of cases jump by 100% over the period studied.
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