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Premium Enterprise 2021-04-16T12:30:00Z
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Snapchat has become an on-demand delivery app for teens to score illegal drugs. Some kids are dying after taking one pill.

Across the country, families who have lost teens to fentanyl poisoning cite the role of Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media.
Premium Tech 2021-04-16T13:12:45Z
Phil Libin, CEO of All Turtles and former CEO of Evernote, at his office in San Francisco on August 1, 2018.

Evernote founder Phil Libin left Silicon Valley for Arkansas and thinks remote working may be the biggest societal change of his lifetime

Libin is the latest high-profile executive to leave San Francisco. He now says remote working will be a "massive and profound" change.
Premium Tech 2021-04-16T13:11:13Z
Will Shu, Deliveroo's CEO and founder, inaugurating its first Deliveroo kitchen site in France, called Deliveroo Editions, on July 3, 2018, in Saint-Ouen, France.

Leaked emails: Deliveroo placed 7.6% cap on insiders selling at IPO, disappointing ex-employees who hoped to get rich

One former employee said they were "livid" at the cap and lockup period, and that they had planned to sell all their shares.
Transportation 2021-04-18T19:18:52Z

A fiery Tesla crash killed two people outside of Houston. ities say nobody was driving.

The crash comes amid scrutiny of Tesla's Autopilot technology, which critics say is ripe for abuse. It's unclear whether Autopilot was on.
Science 2021-04-18T18:03:43Z

Watch NASA mission control live as the Ingenuity helicopter attempts to fly on Mars on Monday

NASA's Mars helicopter is set to make spaceflight history. But "there's a lot of things that could go wrong," one Ingenuity engineer said.
Tech 2021-04-18T16:12:54Z

WATCH: US regulator released a terrifying video of a child being dragged under a Peloton treadmill to drive 合约数字币和虚拟币home their urgent warning about the equipment

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers to stop using their Peloton Tread+ after incidents of children being sucked underneath.
Science 2021-04-18T15:06:53Z

SpaceX's NASA contract has sparked reaction from industry figures seeking details. Blue Origin says it is 'looking to learn more about the selection.'

NASA entered exclusive negotiations with SpaceX for a $2.9 billion contract, excluding Blue Origin and Dynetics after their first bids were too high.
Transportation 2021-04-18T14:57:03Z

Mercedes will bring a compact electric SUV to the US in 2022 — check out the EQB

The Mercedes-Benz EQB will hit US dealerships following the EQS, the German automaker's flagship luxury EV.
Tech 2021-04-18T14:18:56Z
Premium Enterprise 2021-04-18T13:45:00Z

14 cybersecurity startups that raised gobs of funding and became unicorns since the start of the pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, a record number of cybersecurity startups achieved valuations north of $1 billion, including Snyk, Cato, SentinelOne.
Premium Advertising 2021-04-18T13:31:00Z

How a college YouTuber made $90,000 and gained 388,000 new subscribers from a single video

Elliot Choy made $90,000 from YouTube's AdSense program when a video he filmed at Harvard went viral gaining 23 million views and 388,000 subscribers.
Tech 2021-04-18T13:24:50Z

An AI-powered version of Albert Einstein has joined UneeQ's growing lineup of 'digital humans'

UneeQ, a New Zealand and Austin-based company, has timed the launch of its digital Einstein to mark the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Prize in Physics.
Transportation 2021-04-18T12:47:00Z

The 19 electric vehicles you can buy new right now, from Mini's $30,000 hatchback to Porsche's $185,000 super sedan

With 19 options on the market, there's never been a better time to buy an EV — whether you're in the market for a six-figure sport sedan or a compact hatchback.
Science 2021-04-18T12:25:00Z

A SpaceX astronaut family: Megan McArthur is about to pilot the spaceship her husband, Bob Behnken, flew last year

Both partners in the astronaut couple are part of the SpaceX missions for NASA. But it's getting difficult for their son Theo, McArthur said.
Tech 2021-04-18T12:15:00Z

Google cofounder Sergey Brin has been working on a secretive airship company for over 4 years. Here's how the billionaire plans to use the 'air yacht' to deliver humanitarian aid.

If Sergey Brin has anything to do with it, the future of humanitarian aid could come in the form of massive airships roaming the skies.
Tech 2021-04-18T12:01:54Z

Amazon has cancelled its 'Lord of the Rings' multiplayer video game

The massively multiplayer online game "The Lord of the Rings" had been under development with a Chinese partner before its cancellation.

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Premium Tech 2021-04-18T12:01:00Z

Startup founders, VCs, and lawyers open up about the dark world of dirty term sheets, where shrewd investors screw them over

This is how "hair on a deal" turns into the death of a startup and how investors took advantage of first-time founders with predatory term sheets.
Premium Retail 2021-04-18T11:33:00Z

A grocery delivery startup has raised $14.5 million by aiming squarely at market leader Instacart’s most annoying flaw

Farmstead is a "ghost grocer" created by an ex-Yahoo engineer, doing what Instacart can't do: No replacements, and "a perfect order every time."
Science 2021-04-18T09:09:30Z

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter will attempt to fly again on Monday, following several delays

After a few setbacks, Nasa's helicopter will finally get on its way, following its landing with Perseverance back in February.
Premium Tech 2021-04-18T09:01:00Z

Peter Thiel backed location-data startup SafeGraph in a $45 million funding round after seeing this pitch deck

The California company has more than 6 million "points of interest" locations across the US and Canada.
Premium Tech 2021-04-18T09:01:00Z

The CEO of unicorn startup WeFox says he is focusing on sustainability not SPACs as he looks to grow an insurance giant

After a record year for insurance funding, one of Europe's insurance unicorns looks for sustainable growth.
Tech 2021-04-18T09:00:00Z

We threw a bunch of the most overused Hinge chat-up lines at the dating app's CEO. Here are his suggestions for improving them.

Hinge CEO Justin McLeod dissected some of the dating app's most tired clichés such as "I'll fall for you if... you trip me up."
Retail 2021-04-17T16:53:02Z

Regulators urge safety recall of $4,295 Peloton treadmill after child dies

"This doesn't happen with other treadmills," an official told The Washington Post after reports of the child's death and numerous other injuries.
Tech 2021-04-17T15:00:25Z

Embattled Chinese billionaire Jack Ma may divest his Ant Group stake and give up control, reports say

In the wake of his public comments about financial regulations, Jack Ma may potentially exit his Ant Group empire, Reuters reported.
Premium Enterprise 2021-04-17T15:00:00Z

We identified the 142 most powerful people at Google Cloud as it races to beat Amazon and Microsoft. Here's our exclusive org chart.

According to internal data viewed by Insider, these are the names helping Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian run one of the company's most important orgs.
Premium Enterprise 2021-04-17T14:30:00Z

22 companies Microsoft is most likely to acquire next

Microsoft is spending over $19 billion on AI firm Nuance. Here's who could be next on its shopping list, from big names like Twilio to niche players.
Tech 2021-04-17T14:09:48Z

Peloton Tread+ owners should immediately stop using the fitness equipment, following reports of a child's death and other injuries, regulators say

"In light of multiple reports of children becoming entrapped, pinned, and pulled under the rear roller of the product, CPSC urges consumers with children at 合约数字币和虚拟币home to stop using the product immediately," a statement said.
Premium Enterprise 2021-04-17T13:30:00Z

Investors poured over $13 billion into just 56 AI startups in the first four months of 2021 alone – VCs and CEOs explain why everyone is trying to cash in

"AI could be as big of an innovation as the internet was," said SambaNova's CEO — and investors are racing to cash in.
Tech 2021-04-17T13:19:06Z

Twitter is partly down, with some users saying they're unable to log into the site

Twitter users on the East Coast of the US also reported issues with the site on Friday night.
Tech 2021-04-17T13:15:00Z

The US produces just 12% of the world's computer chip supply. Here's why it's trailing China when it comes to manufacturing and how it plans to get ahead.

The US doesn't incentivize chip-making as foreign governments do, but President Biden has a $50 billion plan to boost domestic manufacturing.
Tech 2021-04-17T12:58:29Z

Elon Musk's brother Kimbal Musk, typically a Democrat donor, gave $2,800 to each GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach Trump

Kimbal Musk previously donated to the presidential campaigns of Democrats Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.
Premium Enterprise 2021-04-17T12:55:00Z

VMware's spinoff from Dell is a 'fork in the road' that comes with big opportunities but plenty of risk

VMware and Dell will soon be two separate, independent companies, and analysts predict that the split will come with both benefits and challenges.
Tech 2021-04-17T12:01:00Z

Goodbye Jeff Bezos, Hello Brian Armstrong — the lessons of the billionaire life cycle

In this week's Insider Tech, we look at the way two tech billionaires have made an entrance and an exit, and what it means for corporate America.
Tech 2021-04-17T11:55:00Z

How to use BitClout to bet on the popularity of influencers like Elon Musk on the world's first crypto social network

BitClout allows users to invest in celebrity fame by buying tokens that increase in value as the creators gain popularity.
Tech 2021-04-17T10:28:56Z

Elon Musk says Starlink should be 'fully mobile' by the end of 2021, allowing customers to use it at any address or in moving vehicles

Elon Musk said Friday that Starlink users should be able to move their satellite internet hardware between addresses by the end of the year.
Tech 2021-04-17T10:27:21Z

Clubhouse is being valued at $4 billion in new fundraising round led by Andreessen Horowitz, reports say

New investors Tiger Global and DST Global have joined a funding round for the audio platform Clubhouse.
Premium Transportation 2021-04-17T10:15:00Z

4 years ago, Uber was a toxic mess. Insiders reveal how Dara Khosrowshahi 'cleansed' its culture and revived its bid to dominate transportation.

Insider spoke with 21 current and former Uber employees about its latest CEO's efforts to rid the company of its scandal-plagued past.
Tech 2021-04-17T09:34:31Z

Mike Lindell's social-media site Frank was supposed to launch for VIP access on Thursday night. It still hasn't.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has pushed back the VIP launch date for Frank to Sunday, and his fans aren't happy.
Premium Premium 2021-04-17T09:01:00Z

A former WeWork exec raised $1.2 million for his new flexible work startup InfinitSpace using this pitch deck

Experts predict flexible offices will become a critical component of real estate as companies hesitate to lock in long-term leases.
Tech 2021-04-17T08:59:57Z

Airbnb's CEO says the company will need millions more hosts to deal with a post-pandemic travel boom 'unlike anything we've ever seen'

The chief executive of the 合约数字币和虚拟币home-rental platform Airbnb said: "[W]e think there's going to be a travel rebound coming that's unlike anything we've ever seen."
Tech 2021-04-17T08:30:00Z

Here are the 7 big space companies in the race to build a global satellite-internet network

From SpaceX's Starlink to Amazon's Project Kuiper and Telesat in Canada, these are the biggest names in the satellite-broadband market right now.
Premium Premium 2021-04-17T08:01:00Z

Grocery giant Ocado dismisses threat of 10-minute delivery startups as it pours $13.8 million into autonomous driving company

The logistic firm's advanced technology chief Alex Harvey insists the startups will begin to struggle once the pandemic passes.
Tech 2021-04-17T01:39:26Z

Can an iPhone be hacked? A breakdown of common hacks and cyber hygiene best practices

Your iPhone can be hacked in various ways, but there are certain best practices you can follow to avoid most hacks.
Tech 2021-04-17T00:36:00Z

A guide to haptics, the technology that makes your devices vibrate, shake, and more

Haptics are any type of technology that gives you a tactile response — for example, when your phone vibrates, or controller rumbles.
Tech 2021-04-17T00:06:11Z

How to log in to Goodreads on desktop or mobile, so you can catalog your reading list online

You can log in to Goodreads using a Goodreads account or an existing Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Apple account.
Tech 2021-04-16T23:00:00Z

Predictive analytics and consumer scoring: How companies use AI, machine learning & big data to create predictive models

Advances in AI and predictive analytics are using consumer scores to automate business decisions to predict things like risk and fraud.
Science 2021-04-16T22:42:30Z

NASA has chosen SpaceX's Starship to land its next astronauts on the moon

Elon Musk has said that SpaceX's mega-spaceship could fly astronauts to the moon within a few years. But first the Starships have to stop blowing up.
Tech 2021-04-16T22:37:33Z

How to format an SD card and erase all of its data

You can format an SD card using Windows, Mac, and Android devices, and likely your digital camera too.
Tech 2021-04-16T22:00:18Z

Zelle is a safe way to send and receive money, but beware of scammers

Zelle is safe, as long as you know and trust the person you're sending money to — there's no fraud protection for ized payments.
Premium Media 2021-04-16T21:03:45Z

A startup that helps TikTok creators get paid to post videos with fans and other influencers has raised $16 million to expand

Pearpop has raised $16 million to-date from investors like Seven Seven Six and Atelier Ventures as it launches a marketplace for influencer "collabs."
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