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Premium Enterprise 2020-11-26T03:17:21Z
Parler CEO John Matze

While Twitter was buzzing about a fake Parler data leak, a hacker says he actually breached some user data from the conservative social network

Hackers took data from a Parler email vendor, but the security of the platform itself is intact, the company's CEO says.
Collage Biden Centrists

Centrists! They're real! Here are 26 who will matter quite a bit for Joe Biden and his plans to govern in a divided post-Trump America.

Joe Biden will need to win over several centrists on Capitol Hill, K Street, and in state governments to help move his agenda when he goes to the White House next year.
Premium Enterprise 2020-11-25T21:42:45Z
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian at Google Cloud Next 2019

Salesforce's potential acquisition of Slack could pressure Google Cloud to make a big purchase of its own to keep up, an analyst says

Salesforce buying Slack would be a direct shot at Microsoft but the move would also puts pressure on another, less obvious competitor: Google Cloud.
Premium Politics 2020-11-25T21:40:01Z

Fox News is under a siege of its own making from Trump

The network is confronting the wrath of the viewer it amplified as Trump lashes out and encourages his base to change the channel.
Premium Enterprise 2020-11-25T21:16:15Z

Salesforce could spend over $17 billion for Slack, but what it's really buying is a new way to fight Microsoft, analysts say

Salesforce and Slack have a very important thing in common: They're both fierce rivals with Microsoft and its suite of cloud apps.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T20:09:53Z

Want to shop American-made this holiday season? This Mark Cuban-backed startup offers a Chrome plugin that tells Amazon users where sellers are based.

Search engine Cultivate launched during the pandemic to help users find American-made products on Amazon. It already received backing from Mark Cuban.
Premium Strategy 2020-11-25T20:06:00Z

11 books you should read if you're a 'Henry' — a millennial who earns 6 figures but still feels broke — to get your spending under control and start building wealth now

"Henrys" have had better money habits during lockdown. These books will help these millennials resist their old "lifestyle creep" and build wealth.
Premium Strategy 2020-11-25T19:49:36Z

24 podcasts picked by industry leaders, executives, and business school professors that are almost as good as getting an MBA

Top leaders are listening to everything from "Reply All" to the stories of TED speakers — and swear these podcasts are as good as a business degree.
Premium Strategy 2020-11-25T19:37:13Z

A 34-year-old freelancer who quit the job she hated and now makes $200,000 a year debunks 5 of the biggest myths she's encountered about becoming your own boss

Graphic designer Morgan Overholt felt underpaid and overworked, so she quit her job and went to work for herself, learning key lessons along the way.
Premium Transportation 2020-11-25T19:27:50Z

DHL executives detail how the shipping giant will mobilize to help deliver 10 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses

With more than 10 billion doses needed, many of which have unique storage requirements, shipping the COVID-19 vaccine will be a global challenge.
Premium Media 2020-11-25T19:26:15Z

BuzzFeed's HuffPost acquisition has kicked off talk of more digital media consolidation, and SPACs are already circling

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies armed with hundreds of millions of dollars are already evaluating a variety of digital media ventures.
Premium Media 2020-11-25T19:19:47Z

An RCA Records exec explains his 3 main strategies for making music take off on TikTok, which has become an essential marketing tool

RCA Records' digital marketing lead, Tarek Al-Hamdouni, walked Business Insider through the label's strategy for promoting artists and songs on TikTok
Premium Law 2020-11-25T18:57:17Z

How Big Law firms like Baker McKenzie and Polsinelli are teaming up with legal tech companies to battle a $10 billion threat to the market

As ALSPs and the Big Four are expanding their share of the legal market, law firms are partnering with tech companies to give themselves an edge.
Premium Markets 2020-11-25T18:45:20Z

An innovation-focused portfolio manager at a $158 billion firm shares 8 disruptive stocks across multiple industries he thinks could grow 30% every year over the next decade

"There will be some that are casualties, but some will be huge winners if they continue to execute," ClearBridge's Peter Bourbeau said about his bets.
Premium Advertising 2020-11-25T18:40:29Z

Meet the top 36 public relations pros in the tech industry

With the techlash causing reputation problems in the tech industry, corporations are turning to these PR pros to court favor with the press.
Premium Enterprise 2020-11-25T17:49:09Z

The power players of Microsoft's revitalized $11.6 billion gaming division, which is taking on Sony's PlayStation 5 with new Xbox consoles and cloud services

Microsoft's gaming business is in the spotlight after Xbox Series X and Series S releases. Here are the power players who make it all happen.
Premium Personal Finance 2020-11-25T17:48:26Z

Millennials are experiencing their second recession in a decade. Here are 23 of the best financial advisors who specialize in tackling their specific debt and affordability issues.

Record student loan debt and two recessions are just some factors complicating millennials' financial lives. These power players are the specialists.

The Biden campaign's cybersecurity expert Jackie Singh explains how she went from self-taught hacker and military veteran to protecting the president-elect's campaign from a 'nightmare scenario' cyberattack

Singh said hackers could be much more than pranksters and cybercriminals if they would own up to their responsibility and fix a toxic culture.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T17:17:13Z

REI will again close its doors on Black Friday, but the co-op's hourly workers want more than a day off — they want higher wages and stable schedules

REI retail workers told Business Insider they're subjected to reduced hours and unlivable wages that don't match the co-op's public-facing rhetoric.
Premium Enterprise 2020-11-25T17:00:02Z

Amazon Web Services salaries revealed: These 12 cloud jobs fetch as much as $185,000 in base pay — and this is what it takes to get hired

These are the highest-paying jobs at AWS, including key responsibilities and how many years of experience they require.
Premium Premium 2020-11-25T17:00:00Z

[SLIDE DECK] Six Figure Side Hustles 2020

Whether you're doing it to pay off student loans or pursue an unfulfilled passion, you may be able to turn your side hustle into a high-paying career.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T16:52:25Z

Experts say Procter & Gamble could acquire these 10 companies as coronavirus-prompted sales make personal and 合约数字币和虚拟币home care products attractive growth areas again

P&G has bought niche brands like Native Deodorant. Companies that make sustainable cleaners and bidets may make appealing acquisitions going forward.
Premium Finance 2020-11-25T16:43:44Z

Investors say these 22 fintechs are ready to take off and become the next big names in consumer finance

Investors' picks varied, but a central theme was personal finance, be it through automated saving, investing, or debt management.
Premium Transportation 2020-11-25T16:17:40Z

Ford CEO Jim Farley reveals the key difference between the two main types of electric car customers

Consumers may want cars that can handle road trips and don't require daily charging, Farley says. Commercial buyers worry about price and utility.
Premium Markets 2020-11-25T16:15:00Z

A senior portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley's $665 billion investment-management business shares his playbook as stocks run higher in 2020 — and 3 non-COVID threats that will occupy his attention in 2021

Andrew Slimmon of Morgan Stanley Investment Management says three important factors that are helping stocks today could hurt them in 2021.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T16:13:01Z

Black Friday put GOAT on the map in 2015. Now the platform looks to win over more sneakerheads with its biggest giveaway yet.

"People there are into the hype, but for GOAT, it's about telling the story of why these sneakers are so special," GOAT CEO Eddy Lu said.
Premium Transportation 2020-11-25T16:06:07Z

SpaceX may spend billions to outsource Starlink satellite-dish production, an industry insider says — and could lose $2,000 on each one it sells

The Elon Musk-founded company appears to have contracted a Swiss electronics giant to build user terminals for about $2,400 a pop.
Premium Finance 2020-11-25T15:43:00Z

5 books to read if you want to get started as a real estate agent

合约数字币和虚拟币home prices have hit historic highs, luring many new brokers. These books, by top names from Ryan Serhant to Gary Keller, can kick-start your career.
Premium Tech 2020-11-25T15:39:00Z

Ashton Kutcher is Hollywood's most active Silicon Valley investor. Here's how he built a lucrative investing career, from making an early bet on Uber to turning a $30 million fund into $250 million.

Silicon Valley investor (and TV star) Ashton Kutcher is full of investing advice: invest in what you know, pay attention, and ask stupid questions.
Premium Media 2020-11-25T15:13:00Z

8 influencers share the exact media kits that got them brand deals on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

Business Insider spoke with 8 influencers on social media who shared the exact media kits they use to land sponsorships, which include rates.
Premium Media 2020-11-25T14:59:07Z

Big media compensation revealed: From less than $100,000 to more than $100 million, here's how much executives from Fox, Netflix, News Corp., Disney, and more made in 2019

The people running the biggest media firms made an average of $20 million in 2019. Here are the details of the compensation payouts.
Premium Transportation 2020-11-25T14:56:00Z

Tesla's 'full self-driving' feature could put Elon Musk on the path Tim Cook followed to make Apple the world's most valuable company

Tesla's Autopilot upgrade and other software-based products have set up a "profound" shift in the company's business model, Morgan Stanley said.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T14:52:07Z

A star SoulCycle instructor is accused of throwing a kiwi across the room in a fit of rage, as some insiders describe a belittling and inappropriate work culture

SoulCycle insiders say the company protected star instructors despite egregious behavior, and described a discriminatory, bullying workplace culture.
Premium Politics 2020-11-25T14:20:01Z

Holiday buzzkill: The Trump administration is weighing new guidelines advising men to cut off at one alcoholic drink a day

Just in time for the holidays, a panel of scientists and doctors has suggested the government tighten longstanding guidelines for alcohol consumption among men.
Premium Enterprise 2020-11-25T14:15:00Z

Developers love the MacBook Pro, but some may stay away from the new model for a while until the software they use every day can run on Apple's powerful new chips

Developers have found compatibility issues between Apple's new M1 chips and some of the software they use everyday, like Java, Docker and 合约数字币和虚拟币homebrew.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T14:12:00Z

5 food brands that companies like Kellogg and General Mills may be eyeing for acquisition as they look to put profits to use

Mars's deal for Kind shows that food companies have cash to spend thanks to the pandemic. Brands with established distribution are most attractive.
Premium Media 2020-11-25T14:08:00Z

An Instagram influencer with 1 million followers breaks down how much money she charges for sponsored content and the 8-page media kit she sends to brands

Alexa Collins, an Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers, shares the media kit she uses to pitch brands.
Premium Finance 2020-11-25T14:07:00Z

Meet 6 top recruiters scouting talent for family offices as the secretive wealth managers to the world's richest look to boost their teams

Family offices are looking more like institutions — and they're looking to expand. Meet some of the must-know executive recruiters in the space.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T14:00:00Z

At least 40% of retailers use dropshipping to expand their online inventory and compete with Amazon — and those numbers will only grow, experts say

With dropshipping, retailers can list products online without buying them from suppliers, and customers receive the products directly from suppliers.
Premium Cannabis 2020-11-25T13:49:00Z

Meet the 13 power players shaping the future of New Jersey's potentially $1 billion market for recreational marijuana

From lawmakers to executives, here are the 13 power players of New Jersey's cannabis industry you need to know.
Premium Tech 2020-11-25T13:42:00Z

Grocery delivery apps newly founded in 2020 are netting crazy valuations as investors pile in

One startup was incorporated on Tuesday and is already worth an estimated $75 million.
Premium Strategy 2020-11-25T13:30:00Z

There's a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to break into the $76.4 billion edtech market

Innovative thinkers who can connect employers facing skills gaps, workers looking for jobs, and an unstable higher-education system will make it big.
Premium Markets 2020-11-25T13:15:00Z

Buy these 19 small-cap stocks that hedge funds have invested the most dollars in as smaller companies head for their strongest monthly outperformance ever, RBC says

Most stocks on this list outperformed in major periods throughout the year and have continued to lead since August, according to RBC analysts.
Premium Retail 2020-11-25T13:10:00Z

Off-price retailers like TJ Maxx are adding more niche brands to their vendor portfolio, but experts fear relying too much on lesser-known brands could lead to trouble growing sales

TJX, parent of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, recently said it's started to bring smaller, lesser-known brands into its stores.
Premium Markets 2020-11-25T13:05:00Z

93 units with another 122 under contract: How Emma Powell built a king-size real-estate investment portfolio leveraging a simple strategy

"It's like a forensic job to go through all of this," Emma Powell, the owner of Highrise Group, said about her final vetting process for properties.
Premium Strategy 2020-11-25T13:00:00Z

PRESENTING: How to get a job at Google, Amazon, or Microsoft, according to current and former employees and senior recruiters

Be curious, passionate, think big, have an original story to tell recruiters, and be ready to be tested on the big tech companies' values.
Premium Careers Contributors 2020-11-25T12:01:09Z

A recruitment boss at King, which developed Candy Crush, says the trick to nailing an interview lies in 2 key questions

Aparicio says there are two key questions to think about when it comes to your interview — one to ask and one to answer.
Premium Healthcare 2020-11-25T12:01:00Z

2020 has been a record fundraising year for healthcare startups, but a new report cautions that funding could stall in the last few weeks

A CB Insights report found that the current pace of funding would put the industry on track for fewer deals compared to previous quarters.
Premium Markets 2020-11-25T10:38:00Z

One in 200 people in the UK are 合约数字币和虚拟币homeless — Here's how this fund leverages real estate investing to reduce 合约数字币和虚拟币homelessness and provide solid 7.5% yearly returns

In the UK, over 320,000 people are 合约数字币和虚拟币homeless. 合约数字币和虚拟币home REIT aims alleviate 合约数字币和虚拟币homelessness while providing yield through government-backed income.
Premium Tech 2020-11-25T02:50:00Z

Alphabet is pulling its Verily life sciences division out of China after struggling to make inroads on a key health-mapping project, insiders say

Alphabet life sciences company Verily is shutting its Shanghai office in an exit from China, according to sources familiar with the plan.
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