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2020 election

A Trump-appointed judge eviscerated the president's biggest election lawsuit in Pennsylvania, saying the campaign's 'claims have no merit'

The judge, who is a Trump appointee, tore apart the campaign's claims and said it has no basis for trying to overturn the election results.

Dominion Voting Systems tore into Sidney Powell's lawsuit accusing it of a vast conspiracy, calling it 'baseless, senseless, physically impossible'

In a blistering rebuttal, Dominion Voting Systems responded to Sidney Powell's claims in her case seeking to overturn the election result in Georgia.

A donor who gave $2.5 million to a pro-Trump group looking for election fraud wants his money back after disappointing results

Fred Eshelman is suing True the Vote Inc., with the lawsuit saying he was given "platitudes and empty promises" instead of results.

Trump says he will 'certainly' leave the White House if the Electoral College elects Joe Biden

President Donald Trump continued to refuse to concede to Biden, citing election-related conspiracy theories about voter fraud and mail-in voting.

Sidney Powell published 2 misspelled election lawsuits against Georgia and Michigan even after the Trump campaign publicly disowned her

Powell persisted with her legal efforts even after the Trump campaign claimed it had no affiliation with her work, widely dismissed as outlandish.

Trump's inner circle is telling him that Giuliani and the rest of his legal team are making him look like an idiot, report says

As of Thursday, none of the Trump campaign's 22 lawsuits challenging the 2020 presidential election results had been successful.

Will Rudy Giuliani be disbarred? Probably not for Trump's election lawsuits, experts say.

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer still faces the risk of losing his law license because of his work in Ukraine, according to legal experts.

Almost everything Trump said at a Republican event in Pennsylvania about the election was a lie or a conspiracy theory

Trump made claims about dead people voting, widespread voter fraud, and illegal spying, and asked why the election hasn't been overturned yet.

Ilhan Omar underperformed Biden by more than perhaps any House Democrat thanks to a 3rd party candidate and well-funded GOP rival

Omar's underperformance was largely in line with down-ballot Democrats across the state, many of whom underperformed Biden in the suburbs.

Biden offers a message of unity on Thanksgiving Eve as Trump airs grievances and spreads conspiracy theories

"I know the country has grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember we're at a war with a virus — not with each other," Biden said.

Trump cancels trip to Gettysburg hotel for a GOP hearing about baseless voter-fraud claims after a campaign adviser tests positive for COVID-19

Trump called in to the event and floated debunked conspiracy theories about dead people voting. "Why wouldn't they overturn the election?" he asked.

'This is not a 3rd Obama term,' Biden says amid criticism for choosing a slew of former Obama officials for top White House roles

"We face a totally different world than we faced in the Obama-Biden administration," Biden said. "It's become America first. It's been America alone."

China's Xi Jinping finally congratulates Biden on his 2020 election win, with only a few world leaders still holding out

The Chinese president had stayed silent while other world leaders rushed to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden weeks ago.

White House reporter overheard calling Trump's minute-long press conference 'weird as s---'

President Donald Trump hailed the stock market, thanked his staff, discussed vaccines, and left without taking questions — leaving reporters puzzled.

Geraldo Rivera joins fellow Fox News host Laura Ingraham in urging viewers to accept Trump's defeat, saying he can't 'continue denying the results of the election'

In a video, Rivera said that he knew many people "want me to continue denying the results of the election" but that he "can't do that."

Biden says the White House is cooperating fully with his transition but Trump still won't speak with him

In his first interview as president-elect, Joe Biden said the White House was "not begrudging" his transition but President Donald Trump was silent.

A New Jersey congressman is seeking to disbar Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani after he touted election-related conspiracy theories

"Donald Trump has done great damage to this nation — but he has always had helpers," Pascrell said in a statement to The Washington Post.

Biden laid out his first 100 days in office and said he wouldn't use DOJ as his personal 'vehicle' to investigate Trump

"I will not do what this president does and use the Justice Department as my vehicle to insist that something happen," Joe Biden said Tuesday.

Trump touted the stock market in a surprise news briefing and then left after only a minute

A reporter called the scene "weird as s---" after Trump walked away from what may have been the shortest briefing of his presidency.
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