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Military & Defense 2021-01-02T16:19:10Z
Evan Liberty

A former Blackwater contractor pardoned by Trump said he 'acted correctly' and feels at 'peace' for his role in death of 14 Iraqi civilians

In an Associated Press interview, Evan Liberty showed little remorse for his role in the 2007 Baghdad shooting that killed 14 Iraqi civilians.
News 2021-01-02T23:03:14Z
larry kin

Larry King has reportedly been hospitalized with coronavirus

The 87-year-old broadcaster Larry King has already been in hospital for 10 days in Los Angeles, according to news reports.
News 2021-01-02T10:18:12Z
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco house vandalized with a pig's head, spray-painted anarchist symbol and graffiti about $2,000 stimulus checks

San Francisco police officers responded to vandalism reports outside Pelosi's Pacific Heights 合约数字币和虚拟币home. McConnell's Kentucky 合约数字币和虚拟币home was also vandalized shortly after.
Mike Pence Donald Trump
Premium Tech 2021-01-02T14:30:00Z
Gen Z

Gen Z-ers want to become VCs while they're still young, and they're building a growing movement to make that happen

Members of Gen Z are sharing tips and discussing deal flow on "Gen Z VCs," a Slack workspace created in November that now includes over 3,000 people.
Science 2021-01-01T18:49:42Z
orion nebula

NASA shared some interstellar fireworks to bring 2020 to an end. The Orion Nebula looks like a rainbow canvas peppered with dots of light.

NASA shares an "image of the day," every day. Its final image for 2020 depicts the Orion Nebula, more than 1,500 light-years away from Earth.
Premium Finance 2020-12-31T12:42:21Z

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for M&A. Here are 12 hot trends to expect, from a SPAC buying frenzy to a jump in cross-border deals.

Bankers and investors expect that a recent boom in M&A activity will continue in 2021, especially around software, data centers, and healthcare.
Science 2021-01-02T13:14:00Z
florida vaccine line

The US is not prepared for the next phase of COVID-19 vaccinations

Many state health departments told Business Insider that they are still sorting out the logistics of who will get vaccinated next, and how.
Retail 2021-01-01T14:01:00Z
Cafe du Soleil's owners decorated the outdoor dining pods with string lights.

Insider Retail: The best retail stories of 2020 — and what to expect in 2021

A look at the year in retail, including winners and losers and the pandemic's impact on everything from the way Americans dine to how they workout.

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Politics 2021-01-03T02:31:30Z

Nearly half of Americans blame Republicans and McConnell, and 32% blame Democrats and Pelosi for the lack of $2,000 stimulus checks, a new poll shows

15% of respondents responded that President Donald Trump was to blame, according to the poll by progressive think tank Data for Progress.
Retail 2021-01-03T01:01:00Z

The Future of Retail: Online Checkout

In The Future of Retail slide deck, Business Insider Intelligence outlines SRC-enabled checkout and explores how it could either take off or burn out.
Finance 2021-01-03T00:00:00Z

THE GLOBAL SMB NEOBANKS REPORT: How 17 upstarts are tailoring solutions to tap the $850 billion annual opportunity in addressing the unmet needs of SMBs

In a new 2020 report, Business Insider Intelligence explores the key factors driving an explosion of neobank activity in the small business segment.
Science 2021-01-02T22:00:00Z

THE DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: The most important players, tech, and trends propelling the digital transformation of the $3.7 trillion healthcare industry

Business Insider Intelligence explores the healthcare ecosystem, industry trends driving digital transformation, and where the industry is headed.
Politics 2021-01-02T20:58:16Z

Following in Stacey Abrams's footsteps, these Spelman College students are rallying young people to vote in Georgia Senate runoffs

In Georgia, voters under the age of 30 counted for 20% of all votes cast in the November election, according to data from Tufts University.
Science 2021-01-02T20:29:55Z

We compared our bodies to Barbie. Here's what the doll would look like in real life.

How realistic are Barbie and Ken's bodies? If you scale Barbie up to the height of the average American woman, her waist is about half the size.
Science 2021-01-02T20:28:40Z

I ate nothing but 'healthy' fast food for a week — here’s what happened

I ate "healthy" fast food from Wendy's, McDonald's, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, and Chick-Fil-A for a whole week. I lost 6.5 pounds and never felt healthy.
Tech 2021-01-02T20:21:26Z

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk increased their wealth by $217 billion in 2020. For this amount, over 100 million Americans could get $2,000 checks.

The world's richest people increased their net worth by $1.8 trillion in 2020, while experts predicted COVID-19 would thrust millions into poverty.
Healthcare 2021-01-02T20:04:00Z

Amazon's Leap Into Healthcare

In the Amazon's Leap Into Healthcare report, Business Insider Intelligence details how the tech giant is making waves in the healthcare sector.
Markets 2021-01-02T19:46:10Z

Bitcoin crosses $30,000 for the first time as it charges into 2021

Bitcoin set a new record as the price of the digital currency climbed past $30,000. The blockchain incumbent has been surging in recent weeks.
Economy 2020-12-31T14:00:20Z

How the pandemic upended the US job market in 2020, leaving permanent scars

Just over half of the 22 million US jobs lost during the pandemic have been regained, but lasting scars stand in the way of a full economic recovery.
Markets 2020-12-30T20:37:13Z

These are the top 10 questions investors should be asking for 2021, according to Goldman Sachs

"We are confident that consumption will rise quickly once virus fears fade because households have plenty of capacity to spend more," Goldman said.
News 2020-12-31T20:45:27Z

The FDA wants liquor distilleries to cough up $14,060 for producing hand sanitizer this year

Craft distillery owners say the FDA fee is yet another blow to their small businesses and is wiping away profits in an already difficult year.
Tech 2020-12-30T14:59:42Z

Watch the humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics perform an elaborate dance number in their first video since being bought by Hyundai

When they're not busy pulling trucks and performing gymnastics, the humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics are learning how to dance.
Small Business 2020-12-31T18:47:10Z

What it's like for small businesses in downtown Nashville after the bombing

Local business owners are anxious for community support after a year that has had "a pandemic, a tornado, riots, and now this," one owner said.
Premium Energy 2020-12-31T14:35:20Z

VCs can't stop talking about these 6 climate-tech startups

We asked 15 leading venture funds and incubators which climate-tech startups are set to pop in 2021. These six came up again and again.
Markets 2021-01-02T19:41:41Z

Tesla short-sellers lost $38 billion throughout the automaker's colossal 2020 rally

Short interest more than halved throughout the year, as Tesla's skyrocketing stock price drove short-sellers to close their positions.
Finance 2021-01-02T19:03:00Z

THE BANKING-AS-A-SERVICE REPORT: The major players and best practices behind the business model that's reshaping incumbents' DNA

This report looks at five major BaaS providers, from fintechs to 20-year-old legacy providers, that represent a good cross-section of the industry.
News 2021-01-02T18:58:19Z

Mitch McConnell's 合约数字币和虚拟币home was vandalized with graffiti in response to his objection to increase stimulus checks to $2,000

"Vandalism and the politics of fear have no place in our society," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement on Saturday.

Some GOP senators say they'll object to certifying Electoral College votes but it likely won't change a thing

Several Senate Republicans plan to challenge Biden's Electoral College win, calling for an "emergency audit" in states where they say results are disputed.
Markets 2021-01-02T17:49:59Z

Tesla's stock price surged 740% in 2020. Here's where 5 analysts say the shares are headed next.

JPMorgan sees Tesla falling 87% to $90 a share in 2021. Goldman Sachs says Tesla will be worth $780 a share at the end of this year.
Politics 2021-01-02T17:32:01Z

GOP Congressman-elect Burgess Owens says 'there's no question' that Trump was reelected to a second term

Utah Rep. Owens said challenges to President-elect Joe Biden's presidential victory on the House floor is "the right thing to do."
Insider Intelligence 2021-01-02T17:32:00Z

Get the latest news, data, highlights, and analysis from the Business Insider Intelligence research team - FREE

The Business Insider Intelligence Daily is a free newsletter providing analytical insight and data-driven research on the trends driving industries.
International 2021-01-02T17:18:41Z

Tens of thousands of people living in the Caribbean are on high alert as volcanoes come back to life after remaining dormant for decades

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines government issued an orange alert, meaning eruptions could occur with less than 24 hours' notice.
Science 2021-01-02T17:11:48Z

Fauci says he's 'sure' coronavirus vaccinations will be mandatory in institutions like hospitals and schools

Dr. Fauci likened the COVID-19 vaccine to yearly shots for the flu and Hepatitis B that are required to learn or work at some institutions.
Politics 2021-01-02T17:10:34Z

Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin dies at age 60 after contracting COVID-19

"Southwest Virginia has lost a strong advocate — and we have all lost a good man," said Gov. Ralph Northam in a written statement.
Transportation 2020-12-31T12:52:00Z

The saga of the infamous $1.6 million 'world's fastest car' continues with a bizarre failed second speed run

The SSC Tuatara's second record attempt ended in failure: Two of the car's cylinders stopped firing properly, likely because the engine overheated.
Strategy 2020-12-31T14:24:40Z

The most affordable small town in each US state if you're looking to escape a big city

Using data from the Census Bureau, we found small towns where most people spend a reasonable part of their income on housing.
Markets 2020-12-31T18:25:24Z

A bitcoin ETF could finally become a reality in 2021 after an SEC filing from VanEck

But Wall Street has been attempting to launch a bitcoin ETF for years, and VanEck had its last proposal rejected in September 2019.
Design 2020-12-31T13:47:00Z

Interior designers reveal the best (and worst) ways to use Pantone's 2021 colors for a picture-perfect living space

Interior designers told Insider how to use the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 selections to create a space that's perfect for social media.
Markets 2020-12-31T16:53:09Z

XRP delisted on more platforms following SEC's Ripple complaint

Crypto exchanges like, Coinbase, and OKCoin said they were suspending trading of the token. XRP "is one foot in the grave," an expert said.
Politics 2021-01-02T17:08:06Z

A judge will decide Julian Assange's extradition case at a London court on Monday, as free press advocates step up calls for his release

At 10am at London's Old Bailey courthouse, district judge Vanessa Baraitser, is scheduled to deliver her decision.
News 2021-01-02T16:57:46Z

Trump urges people to 'get ready to vote' in Georgia just hours after calling the Senate runoff elections 'both illegal and invalid'

President Trump will attend a rally in Georgia on Monday for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.
Politics 2021-01-02T16:50:30Z

Ohio Gov. DeWine signed a bill requiring aborted fetal tissue be cremated or buried in latest burden on reproductive rights

The Ohio Statehouse passed the bill in December, and the US Supreme Court has previously upheld similar Indiana legislation.
Transportation 2021-01-02T16:39:27Z

Tesla just missed its goal of delivering half a million vehicles last year

The automaker had acknowledged that reaching its goal of 500,000 deliveries would be more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Military & Defense 2021-01-02T16:32:29Z

On the anniversary eve of the drone strike ordered by Trump that killed its top general, Iran reveals its plan to expand its nuclear program

"We are like soldiers and our fingers are on the triggers," the head of Iran's civilian atomic energy organization said.
Premium Tech 2021-01-02T16:10:00Z

VCs say an entirely new category of startups will be born in 2021 to serve 'hybrid' employees

"Hybrid work" will create a new category of software to help businesses keep track of employees' schedules and preferences, according to VCs.
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