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Media 2020-09-09T18:50:00Z
mulan liu yifei mulan liu yifei

The 'Boycott Mulan' movement has surged and turned online sentiment around the movie negative, according to new social-media data

Nearly 44% of tweets about "Mulan" over the last nine days expressed a negative sentiment toward the movie amid controversies surrounding it.
dan coats dan coats

Trump's former spy chief has 'deep suspicions' that Putin has blackmail on Trump

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats had "deep suspicions" about Trump's relationship with Putin and "could not shake them," Woodward wrote.
Premium Finance 2020-09-09T19:34:05Z
alexander karp palantir alexander karp palantir

Palantir CEO Alex Karp's first pitch to public investors: 'You should not invest in Palantir'

The data-analytics firm Palantir emphasized that it's not like other tech companies in its pitch to direct-listing investors on Wednesday.
Tech 2020-09-09T20:33:41Z
san francisco wildfire smoke fog orange
Tech 2020-09-09T21:33:32Z
Apple Singapore

Apple created a face mask with a 'unique' look for its retail employees, designed by the engineering teams that work on the iPhone and iPad

The mask will have a "unique look," including "large coverings for the wearer's nose and chin," and "adjustable strings," according to Bloomberg.
Science 2020-09-09T21:35:00Z
Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial participant

Don't expect a coronavirus vaccine before the election. Here's the likely timeline according to doctors, government officials, and analysts.

Under the most optimistic scenario, drug companies like Pfizer and Moderna could release results from their human trials in October.
Premium Markets 2020-09-09T12:02:00Z

US Investing Championship contender Oliver Kell raked in a 359.4% return through July. Here's the strategy he's using to crush the competition — and 3 stocks he's holding right now.

"I'm looking for stocks that that can rally a hundred, 200, 300%," US Investing Championship contender Oliver Kell said.
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Retail 2020-09-10T06:04:00Z

THE IN-STORE CHECKOUT REVOLUTION: How payments companies can take advantage of a $21 billion opportunity

Business Insider Intelligence forecasts the expansion of autonomous checkout stores and their payments volume over the next five years.
Politics 2020-09-10T06:00:36Z

GOP senator says he's not interested in Woodward's latest explosive book on Trump, says it's a 'gotcha' book even though Trump was interviewed 18 times for it

When was pressed on the fact Trump confirmed that the coronavirus traveled by air, he said: "To be is to act," and he didn't judge officials "by what they say."
News 2020-09-10T05:23:05Z

Eyewitness claims police killed 'antifa' Portland murder suspect before giving any commands

An eyewitness said in a statement that police shot and killed Michael Forest Reinoehl before issuing any commands.
News 2020-09-10T05:06:26Z

Austrians are getting $1,200 US stimulus checks by mistake. Some are cashing them anyway.

One tax preparation firm told NPR last month that clients in 129 countries received the checks by mistake.
Finance 2020-09-10T05:02:00Z
Tech 2020-09-10T04:37:06Z

Portland becomes the first city to ban the use of facial recognition technology by government agencies and private entities in public spaces

Portland's ban goes further than any other city in the US and allows people to sue private companies and individuals who refuse to follow the law.
Media 2020-09-10T04:02:00Z

Facebook ad revenue in 2020 will grow 4.9% despite the growing number of brands pulling campaigns

Facebook US digital ad revenues will increase by nearly 5% this year to $31.43 billion –– about $4.82 billion less than eMarketer predicted in March.
News 2020-09-10T03:54:06Z

US lawmakers grilled health officials about COVID-19 vaccines and whether Trump's word about their development can be trusted

"There will be no shortcuts. This vaccine will be safe, it will be effective or it won't get moved along," Surgeon General Jerome Adams said.
Media 2020-09-10T02:01:00Z

THE STORIES REPORT: How brands can take advantage of the viral growth of the Stories format

Business Insider Intelligence identifies the most popular platforms for Stories, best practices for engagement, and challenges hindering adoption.
Tech 2020-09-10T01:44:18Z
Retail 2020-09-09T19:59:28Z

Travis Scott debuts McDonald's 'Cactus Jack' merch, including $48 t-shirts, a $90 McNugget body pillow, and $250 denim shorts

Travis Scott has debuted a new line of McDonald's inspired fashion, from a $90 nugget body pillow to $250 denim shorts featuring the Golden Arches.
Politics 2020-09-09T21:32:21Z

25 times Trump downplayed COVID-19 publicly after telling Bob Woodward on tape it was 'more deadly than strenuous flus'

The US has the worst COVID-19 numbers in the world in terms of cases and fatalities, but Trump has consistently downplayed the threat to the public.
Politics 2020-09-09T20:34:13Z

Democrats slam the GOP's 'emaciated' $500 billion stimulus plan that would cut unemployment benefits and leave out rental assistance and state aid

The GOP unveiled a stimulus plan on Tuesday that would cut unemployment benefits to $300 a week and omit direct payments to individuals.
Politics 2020-09-09T17:03:48Z

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis' office is forced to apologize after a staffer told a cancer survivor 'you don't get to have' healthcare if you can't afford it

Millions of Americans have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance as a result of pandemic-related job losses.
Military & Defense 2020-09-09T19:10:08Z

Jim Mattis reportedly slept in his clothes to be ready for North Korea's missile launches

Mattis, who quit after Trump pulled out of Syria, said he was "directed to do something that I thought went beyond stupid to felony stupid," the book says.
Sports 2020-09-09T18:44:36Z

Serena Williams returned a serve with her left hand and went on to win the point to spur an epic comeback in her US Open quarterfinal battle

The 23-time major champion returned a serve with her left hand — her non-dominant hand — and shifted the momentum of her US Open quarterfinal match.
Transportation 2020-09-10T01:01:00Z

BIG TECH IN TRANSPORTATION: Strategies legacy players can deploy to limit the threat to their market position

This report examines the moves that Alphabet, Apple, and Amazon are making to gain a larger foothold in the transportation industry.
Premium Enterprise 2020-09-10T00:46:29Z

Berkshire Hathaway and Salesforce are poised to invest $250 million or more in Snowflake stock, and experts say it's a sign that the market for managing data is only getting hotter

Salesforce and Berkshire Hathaway both agreed to purchase $250 million in shares from Snowflake's IPO, according to an amended S-1 filing.
Politics 2020-09-10T00:41:17Z

The White House asked the Justice Department to handle Trump's legal defense in a defamation lawsuit brought by his rape accuser

The highly unusual move puts E. Jean Carroll's case in jeopardy after a court ruled she could seek Trump's DNA, testimony, and other evidence.
Premium Tech 2020-09-10T00:18:25Z

The lawyer who helped launch the antitrust case against Microsoft is worried the government doesn't have the right personnel or strategy to take on Big Tech

Gary Reback has a long history of fighting anti-competitive behavior in the tech industry. He thinks the government needs to rethink its strategy.
Finance 2020-09-10T00:00:00Z

REGTECH REVISITED: How the regtech landscape is evolving to address FIs' ever growing compliance needs

A new 2018 report from Business Insider Intelligence provides a brief overview of the current global financial regulatory compliance landscape and the regtech industry's position within it.
Politics 2020-09-09T23:53:50Z

Woodward claims he sat on Trump coronavirus remarks for 6 months in order to do more fact checking

Bob Woodward, who interviewed Trump in February, is defending his decision not to reveal the president's private concerns about COVID-19.
News 2020-09-09T23:26:11Z

About half of the COVID-19 survivors from Bergamo, one of Italy's coronavirus epicenters, haven't recovered six months on, providing a stark warning of the pandemic's lingering aftermath

Out of 750 people examined, about 30% had breathing troubles and lung scarring, another 30% had blood clotting and inflammation issues.
Tech 2020-09-09T23:23:17Z

Instagram is testing out adding tabs dedicated to Reels and Shopping in the app's navigation bar

The redesign would promote some of Instragram's most-touted new features meant to make creators' profiles shoppable and rival TikTok.
Transportation 2020-09-09T23:08:36Z

Retailers are scrambling to find trucks amid the pandemic, generating record-smashing pay for drivers

Insiders say America's $800 billion trucking industry is "ballistic" and "on fire" — partially thanks to a shortage of drivers.
Transportation 2020-09-09T23:03:00Z

The designer of Lucid's $80,000 Tesla rival says it will be spacious enough to offer business class-like reclining seats

Lucid says the Air has the biggest front trunk offered on an EV, and its interior mirrors its name: airy. Its designer told us how that came to be.
Transportation 2020-09-09T21:20:29Z

Volkswagen's chairman says Tesla Model Y is a 'reference' as it builds competing electric cars

The comments come after Volkswagen's debut electric car received negative press on its first test-drives.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-09-09T18:59:00Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are reportedly chartering an Italian superyacht that costs more than $2 million a week to rent — take a look inside

The vessel includes a gym, a spa, and a beach club, and luxurious features like a helipad and a heated sundeck pool that's almost 30 feet long.
Politics 2020-09-09T18:42:03Z

Listen to Trump privately say in February that the coronavirus is 'more deadly' than the worst flu as he publicly lied about the threat

Trump repeatedly lied to the public about the threat of COVID-19 and essentially acknowledged this to veteran journalist Bob Woodward.
Premium Politics 2020-09-09T21:23:03Z

Meet 6 of the top legal warriors fighting to help Biden or Trump clinch the White House as both parties brace for an election result that could be decided in court

Court battles heading into the 2020 presidential election are already piling up at unparalleled levels, and the lawyers are just getting started.
Tech 2020-09-09T19:57:36Z

Apple is expected to announce a new Apple Watch next week — here are 3 things we want to see

Apple may be close to releasing the Apple Watch Series 6, which we hope will come with better sleep tracking and longer battery life.
Transportation 2020-09-09T23:02:00Z

Lucid's CEO says he has 'more advanced technology than Tesla,' and wants to use it to lower the price of EVs

The idea of automakers sharing technology and engineering is not new. But it cuts down on costs, which hopefully means cheaper EVs for consumers.
Transportation 2020-09-09T23:01:00Z

Lucid Motors just unveiled a new EV that starts at $80,000 and can beat a Tesla Model S on paper — check out the Air

The base model is $80,000, but won't be available until 2022. The first car to come around will be the most expensive: the $169,000 Air Dream Edition.
Finance 2020-09-09T23:00:00Z

THE DIGITAL BANKING ECO: These are the key players, biggest shifts, and trends driving short- and long-term growth in one of the world's largest industries

This report explores the incumbent banking landscape as a whole, and the third parties banks are calling on to help their transition to digital.
Premium Enterprise 2020-09-09T22:36:39Z

$17.6 billion Zscaler earnings blast past Wall Street expectations – here's why the CEO thinks it can be the Salesforce of cybersecurity by serving the new remote workforce

Zscaler, the $17.6 billion cloud-based cybersecurity company, far exceeded fourth quarter 2020 financial expectations and released new products.
Executive Lifestyle 2020-09-09T22:22:00Z

A steel-and-glass observation deck that sits 10,000 feet in the air on top of a glacier in Italy just opened to the public — take a look inside Otzi Peak

The steel structure looks out over the place where Ötzi the Iceman, one of the world's most famous mummies, was encased in ice for 5,300 years.
Tech 2020-09-09T22:18:00Z

An eerie orange sky has blanketed San Francisco and residents are comparing it to 'Blade Runner' and post-apocalyptic films

San Francisco residents took to social media to share the sky, comparing it to the film "Blade Runner."
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